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Welcome to I & A Services (Scotland) Ltd

DomesticI & A Services opened November 2008 by Iain and Angela Brown.

Iain has over 30 years experience in lighting and electrical service supplying services to blue chip and petrol filling station companies. Angela has 8 years in the lighting industry as administration and technical back up for clients.

I & A Services offer a one to one service to clients with retail, industrial, commercial, car parks, retail parks and colleges where lighting is a key factor on image, energy savings and carbon footprint.

Our main aim is to give a good affordable service with ways of reducing lighting costs without reduction in light levels, and highlighting the energy Saving can pay for the re-fit/retro-fit.

As a company we are building up our client bank covering from Dumfries to the north of Scotland, being centrally based most of our clients can be reached within 2 – 3 hours.

We Could Save You Money On Your Electricity Bills, Lighting Repairs & Property Maintenance !

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