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Energy Saving

We offer Energy Saving Solutions and Services in Scotland

I & A Services can offer various ways of energy savings on your lighting.

  1. Presence detection.

  2. Conventional wire wound gear
    conversion to high frequency gear.

  3. Retrofit.

  4. Discharge fittings reduce from 400w to 350w
    and 250w to 200w with very little change
    in lighting levels.

  5. Voltage control at the distribution board for lighting circuits covering wire wound fluorescent and discharge lighting (no need to change fittings).

  6. Retro fit to L.E.D. lighting.

  7. Electrical installation/repairs.

All seven listed above have various percentages of energy savings from 15% to 35% subject to the location and light usage.


Energy Saving Examples:


  1. Presence Detection.
    A: This can be incorporated into office or corridor lighting and will only operate when movement is detected and can be timed.

    B: Replaced with a sensor with no interruption to lighting circuits.

    Incorporate time clocks and dawn to dusk sensors.

  2. A: Convert switch start to high frequency control gear.

    Change lamp colours to increase light levels.

    Replace 50w low voltage with lower wattage compact fluorescent or L.E.D. fittings.

  3. A: Replace old fittings with new High frequency
    T8 or new T5 fittings.

    B: Remove discontinued 8' fittings and lamps, replace with twin 5' high frequency fittings.

  4. Retro fit existing discharge fittings with new high frequency control gear and high light output lamps. 400w SON to 350w HPIT high output.
    250w SON to 200w HPIT high output.

  5. Voltage optimiser Installed at main incoming supply can reduce costs by 15%

Energy saving and colour change to enhance site for cameras and reduce lighting running costs.
Strathclyde business park, Bellshill Lanarkshire.

  • Detection
  • Retrofit
  • Repairs
  • Installation
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